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Rules to the forum

Post  MKII on Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:33 am

Warnings will be issued to such offenses:
1. Posting in the Wrong Section, (e.g. Posting of guides/strategies should be in the "Camper's Spot", instead of "General Discussions".)

2. Please do not use multiple punctuation/question marks in your thread topics/posts. It does annoy other users, one punctuation mark is sufficient to establish context. (e.g. ????? !!!!!)

3. Using a oversize signature that stretches the forum or makes threads unreadable is not allowed.

4. Please do not post similar or multiple threads in the same section to increase visibility. All this serves is to clutter the forums.

5. Starting a thread in the "Screenies" section requires a screenshot in the initial post.

6. Plagiarism: Please do not copy another's guide/information/etc. without giving due credit. This includes guides from another site; the original author may PM us proof if there is confusion.

7. Repeating post and information someone else has already posted is equivalent to spam.

8. Please use descriptive and accurate thread titles, especially in the "Questions and Answers" section.

9. Insulting other members is uncalled for and only serves to start a flame war. If the insult is severe enough and a flame war has already erupted, a more severe infraction may be used.(or ban)

10. Using of inappropriate language does not warrant a ban or is not sexual in nature. But please do use proper English, for the benefit of all.

11. Posting nonsense replies or threads is spamming. This includes posting smiley spam (multiple smilies in a row). This might be annoying to other users as well.

12. Using an inappropriate avatar is not allowed. Appropriate will be at the discretion of the staff.

13. PLEASE DO NOT USE POSTS CONTAINING ALL CAPS. This is annoying and difficult to read.

14. Bumping to threads that have not been active for 2 weeks is not allowed. Excessive bumping will leads you to a ban.

15. Posting two or more times in a row is double posting, this is spamming and is not allowed.

16. Going off topic, If you have something to ask a specific person about a post and it does not relate to the topic, please use the PM system. Please pay attention to the thread topic before posting.

17. Using profanities and vulgar languages.

Immediate Ban will be enforce to such offenses:

1. Disrespect of Authority, flaming of a moderator is not allowed. Note: Disrespect of authority may also include continuing another violation after a moderator has asked you to stop.

2. Sexual Content is not allowed. This board has members of all ages and some topics of discussion may not be appropriate for those ages. Note that this does not include pornographic images; these will be removed and the user banned.

3. Disputing warnings in a Thread, e.g. if you receive a warning and you do not agree with it, please discuss it in PM with the moderator that gave the warning. If you are not satisfied with their response, please go up the list. Note: This also includes disputing moderator actions, i.e. closing threads, moving threads, etc.

4. Unwanted Advertisements, websites, products, etc. is not allowed.

5. Flaming of any member is not tolerated in this forum. This also includes posting Hacker, Scammer, or any other "blacklist" accusations without proof. This may be used in conjunction with "Disrespect of Authority".

6. Attempting to start flame wars is not allowed. This includes trying to start problems without directly flaming.

7. Scamming/Hacks, Posting/promoting scamming or hacking is not allowed on this forum.

8. Creating Multiple accounts, user IP could be tracked and banned. (PM an Administrator to have an account created for a sibling using the same IP address)

9. Attacks (or attempted attacks) on BlackshotSMP, such as multiple forum spam, DDoS attacks, etc.

10. Providing links to websites that contains trojan like content.

Please follow every single rule to keep this a friendly and healthy community and allow every user to have a enjoyable stay. Very Happy


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