08/12/08 - Fixed Minor Web Issue.

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08/12/08 - Fixed Minor Web Issue.

Post  MKII on Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:30 pm

There are several complaints received regarding our navigation buttons on the top of our websites, like the words that are not very visible and so. I had amended it already. Some other minor issue would be the irritating "PhotoBucket" text appearing all over the site, it has been fixed as well. The uneven alignment of the notices and the linings viewed at a higher resolution is fixed. A more accurate resolution for the "best viewed" is tested and amended. Referral Buttons as also been fixed from the irritating "PhotoBucket" words as well, if you had used our referral button in the past, please change your current button with the one that are in our site.(Images are still the former ones) And many more very minor issue that i shall not list.

If you're currently unable to receive your email activation upon registration in our forum, please try to inform us via the forum or do drop us an email. We will be please to attend to your problems.

Last by not least, as the time passes, we are happy to receive positive feedbacks and suggestions, news of the bugs, technical error from you. You might not have notice them, but they could be a real problem to us. Please continue to give us feedbacks and do as well continue to support us. Thank you! Very Happy

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